Advantages Of Using Boar Bristles

A boar bristle brush is often utilized to replace a synthetic one. This article gives you some insight on its benefits, and how to choose the perfect brush for your hair.


Just like its name, boar bristle hair brushes are manufactured using the hairs of boars or hogs, which is the primary factor that separates them from synthetic brushes. These brushes have elongate bristles that are adequate for curly or straight hair.

The advantage of these boar bristles is that they extend the natural hair moisture (sebum)  throughout the hair roots and the tips. This will help prevent your hair from drying after washing it. Which is why using this brush prevents that greasy look that your hair gets even after you’ve washed it.

Sebum, which is spread by the bristles, works as an organic hair conditioner and therefore shields the hair from all sorts of physical damages. Besides it being the perfect fix for hair damage, a boar bristle brush provides smoothness and a natural shine to the hair, without the use of harmful chemical styling products. This brush has sharp ends, and you’ll love using it to massage your scalp. These brushes come in both hard and soft varieties.

Choosing the Perfect Brush

Some of the readily available brands include Spornette, Umberto, Brush Strokes, etc. The typical price of these hair brushes can vary from $20 to $250. Choose the proper kind of brush for your hair type. Several steps involved when it comes to choosing the best brush. On the website, you can find the Top 8 Hair Straightening Brushes.

Before you buy a hair brush, pick one that comes with round bristles. Bristles that are selected from the primary portion of boar hair are the best for combing. The length of the bristles is also an issue that you need to sort out. The bristle should be long enough to reach to your scalp, through the hair.

As I said earlier, a boar bristle hair brush is perfect for any hair, but, if you have curly hair, then you should use a mixed bristle brush that has boar and synthetic bristles. If you prefer blow drying your hair, then use a flat paddle brush.

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