Are Abdominal Belts Effective?

Do these abdominal belts really work?

abdominal beltTo answer this question, let me first expand on what an abdominal belt is. An abdominal belt works with some sort of electrical muscle stimulation. Lets look at the Flex Belt for example. This technology mimics an abdominal work out by contracting the abs. The belt gives an electrical signal every 5 seconds to the abs. Usually is a device where it is possible to put in a program or a time that the belt does contractions. It is possible to do other things while the belt is busy sending signals.

Lots of ab belt makers guarantee one to get hard abs and loose weight by simply wearing the ab belt 10 minutes a day. This is not entirely true because in case you are thinking it is possible to loose weight and get difficult abs while eating junk food and sitting on the sofa playing video games all day you happen to be incorrect. You have to put in much more effort next to the belt although the stomach belt can loosened you get and weight you hard abs. If next to wearing the belt you play sports or run the treadmill, it might work.

There are ab belts that are great out there but you need to recognize that it is merely one more workout next to your regular work out and that it afterward might do the job. If you desire to purchase an abdominal belt the best move to make would be to look online for one. Online you can compare different ab belts and their prices. You see how other people think about an ab belt and can also read reviews.

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